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Meetings Held 2nd Thursday of each Month
Raubsville Spring

Dusty W
German Shorthaired Pointers
Thank you for all that attended, all the volunteers and
everyone else who helped make the hunt a success!

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2016 Fishing License Prices and Trout Stocking Information added. Purchase your license by clicking on an image below. The 2016 Spring Newsletter has been added to the website. Click on the Newspaper Image (on the left) to see the newsletter.
2016 Fishing License Prices
2016 Trout Stocking
Spring Gobbler Opens April 30th
Identify Your Target Before You Pull the Trigger
Please share your pics on our Facebook page if you're successful!

SPRING GOBBLER (Bearded bird only): April 30-May 31, 2016. Daily limit 1, season limit 2. (Second spring gobbler may be only taken by persons who possess a valid special wild turkey license.) From April 30-May 14, legal hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise until noon; from May 16-31, legal hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise until one-half hour after sunset. buying viagra over the counter at boots viagra office canada snopes where can i buy genuine viagra online can buy viagra las vegas generic viagra online in canada